Dinner Entrees

Dinner Catering Menu

You are not limited to this menu.
We can help you customize a unique menu based on your taste!

Tuscan Chicken*

Parmesan encrusted chicken with a light garlic herb sauce. It is topped with sundried tomatoes, green onions and a balsamic reduction.

Aussie Chicken*

5 oz chicken breast topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, mushrooms, green onion and honey mustard.

Chicken Lasagna Florentine*

Layers of chicken, spinach, mushrooms and a homemade herbed cheese sauce.

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

Tender white meat and three types of cheese, wrapped in a warm tortilla, covered with mild or hot enchilada sauce. Very hearty and just the right amount of spice! This entrée includes Spanish rice and nacho bar.

Bacon Wrapped
Pork Loin*

Served by itself, with a mushroom sage sauce, or a beautiful bourbon maple reduction.

Chicken Pomodora*

Tender chicken breasts smothered in a cream and tomato sauce,
laced with vodka.

Beef Stroganoff*

Loads of tender beef strips, mushrooms, and onions served in pastry shells.

Chicken Elegant*

(Served at The Diamond Room Only)

A 5oz. chicken breast topped with garlic herb cheese, wrapped in filo dough and served with a champagne shallot sauce.

Smokehouse Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breast*

5 oz chicken breast stuffed with smoked cheddar, wrapped in apple wood smoked bacon and brushed with our house-made BBQ mopping sauce.

Herb Roasted Chicken*

Marinated and slow roasted herb infused chicken quarters.

Chicken  Scaloppini* 

Lightly breaded chicken breasts with pancetta, mushrooms, capers and artichokes in a lemon butter sauce.

Beef Brisket*

Cooked low and slow. Served in au jus with BBQ sauce on the side.

House Smoked
Pulled Pork*

Smoked pulled pork served with your choice of Carolina BBQ sauce, Sweet and Smoky BBQ sauce or our award-winning Root Beer BBQ sauce.

Baked Ham*

Citrus baked ham, served with cranberry relish.

Chicken and Ham Rolls
a la Swiss*

Chicken and ham rolled together, lightly breaded and served with a Swiss Béchamel sauce.

Pork Loin*

Pork tenderloin stuffed with garlic, rosemary, apricots & cranberries. Served with a port wine reduction.

*this dinner comes with a salad, starch, vegetable, and homemade rolls with butter.